Contests and Challenges

My 90-day challenges provide you with the ultimate fitness motivation. If you’re looking to lose weight, gain some muscle, or need that sense of competition (even with yourself), my client challenges provide you with a mix of weight training and high intensity cardio intervals, which is the perfect combination for truly effective fat loss and lean muscle building.

I do client challenges typically semi annually. Challenges are welcome to everyone and anyone! All that is required to get going is a minimum of 24 training sessions, so we can plan your goals for the three month period, based of training two to three times a week.

The challenge itself is a competition with my other clients, but at the end of the day, it’s a competition with yourself to see what your body is capable of in 90 days. My fist place male and female contestant winners will both receive equal grand prizes

Stay tuned for announcements on my Instagram and Facebook page!
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Once the contest has been announced, please follow the steps Below!

Step 1: Sign up for my 90-day challenge.

Step 2: Meet with the owner of hall executive fitness

Step 3: Begin working towards becoming the best version of YOU!